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The sea once it casts its spell
holds one in its net of wonder forever

Jacques Yves Cousteau


Though there are countless wedding-worthy beaches all over the world, it’s hard to beat the rugged beauty of this off road hidden paradise. A private beach on the most photogenic island in the world.
Nothing ensures seclusion like a private beach, and one of the loveliest —most photographed beaches in Santorini— is this upscale meets laid-back enclave.

Akro is conceived to allure the senses..

Akro with its jet black shore and crystal waters is a photographers dream. Besides lying lazily on the sand-actually made up of tiny lava pebbles there is plenty to do. You can go snorkeling to your private cave carved into a rock where lapis lazuli waters will leave you amazed. This is the best beach in Santorini.

Akro less of a tourist spot, has a visitors community made up of writers and artists creating an inviting a cultural scene.

Head here if you are not looking for crowds and parties nor for blazing heat, but would prefer beautiful nature and artsy atmosphere.

Let us wrap a memory for you to take back home …the Santorini experience we had years ago.


Something physiological happens when bare feet touch sand, when eyes rest on water and when lungs breathe sea air.

The need to be near water is as ancient as our need to eat; some scientists even opine that it is human nature to seek out shores. Among the many activities sand and lapping waves lend themselves to — swimming, tanning, surfing surround this beach in Santorini island.

A visit to a private beach, next to the most famous beach of the island is an impeccable experience.

Many wonderful things are going to happen to our majestic beach this summer. If you do not now on things to do in Santorini island check out the following


  1. Intimate Boat Cruise

Akro can offer a ride on a traditional boat cruise around the most famous beaches in the world red and white beach in Santorini island.

The amazing landscape and crystal clear waters of the most popular beaches is something you must see before you go back home.

You can swim you can dive having the time

of your life…

  1. Go chasing volcanos

Akro can arrange for you and your loved ones a jet sky safari trip around our volcano.

The best water sport experience is @ Akro.

Sports enthusiasts are welcome.

  1. Get your rocks off

Visit our magnificent cave, swim around it, get yourself by white beach it’s just a dive away…

or just visit our fascinating museum of Akrotiri.

Whatever you do get your rocks off.

Let’s EAT @ AKRO

  1. Theme and candle light dinner nights

The amazing scenery the windless suntrap beach the perfect spot for a theme night.

Dinner with fireworks, dinner on moonlight, dinner with live music, Wine tasting, cocktail nights- are some of the things happening this summer, but most of all…

Lets Relax @ Akro

  1. Sea-renenity @ Akro

That sea wave sound you Hear Is Not Recorded. Let the sea Breeze Take You Away.

If you want to turn up the relaxation a notch,

have your couple’s massage on the beach.

Let us melt away that unwanted stress, and release the worries of life from your body!

Relax the mind, soothe the spirit, and release tension.
Be the first on the island to get an ALOE SHOWER @ Akro-the energy surrounding this experience together with the therapeutic ingredients of Aloe will get you relaxed.

At our majestic scenery, nothing is artificial, everything is provided by nature.

This is the best beach in Santorini island. Why? That feeling of AWE you get when you kick off your flip flops throw down your towel and think, Now This Is Paradise.


Dining in our restaurant is a culinary Greek tour. Guests are sure to find the perfect meal to tempt their taste buds. Under the direction of Executive Chef Dimitris Orestis, every dish is created using only the most flavorful local produce, fresh-of-the-boat seafood and island spices—to deliver an authentic, always delicious dining experience.

The Grilled octopus with smoked aubergine salad and oil-lemon sause is amazing or the Crunchy feta rolls with black sesame and watermelon syrup is so delicious.

Fried shrips on kadaifi with taramosalata cream, basil vinegraitte

and cherry tomatoes is a new dish proved to be so popular as our exquisite Lamb shank cooked over low heat in parchment paper

with scents of Greek land…

last but not least Tuna fillet with vegetable infusion, tartar tomato, caper and olives will make the art of tasting, the art of dining, the art of living well.

Every member of our staff shares in this passion for service and commitment to ensure that your stay is perfect from start to finish.

By offering exceptional five-star service and world-class amenities in Santorini’s most idyllic natural setting, we create a carefree and enchanting environment that encourages you to forget about everything and focus on enjoying each other. This is the best local restaurant in Akrotiri, Santorini island.

Drinks are remarkable parts of this oasis our team will make sure your drink will compliment this long lasting memory.

Whether you need the perfect gin or a vodka martini or even a metaxa based Paradise we will make your wish to come true

Perfect for a romantic evening or a memorable family meal, Dinner Under the Stars offers the ultimate private dining experience for two to four guests.

Connect with loved ones, family and friends over expertly crafted cuisine by our chefs while enjoying your private setting under the night sky. Your table awaits.