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WhiteBeach by Akro

WhiteBeach BY AKRO

One of the most impressive beaches in Santorini is reachable through Akro. It is located 14 km away from the capital of Santorini, Fira and looks like a lunar landscape, which makes it one of the top Greek beaches and a major tourist attraction. Its name derives from the beautiful white stones and large shiny pebbles that cover the sand. The beach is surrounded by huge white cliffs that increase the sense of isolation and secrecy.
The most remarkable and special beach is white beach surrounded by white towering cliffs. This tiny beach may be over-crowed in summer and has no natural shade but it is composed of black and grey pebbles like all beaches in Santorini island. There are no facilities or toilet but there are some sunbeds and umbrellas run by a local team.
It is not accessable by car very hard to reach, but you can safely go there by taxi boat easily reachable through Akro.
Just head to Akro and park your car on our free parking head to our beach get a sunbed leave your belongings to your safe box and get the taxi boat.