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BookYour Private Beach


If you think private beaches are just for celebrities, world class athletes and film stars think again…
Akro beach can be booked for a day just for you and your loved ones!

Leave the cares of this world behind as you venture over to a private exclusive beach just for you. Here lies a true oasis of dramatic backdrop, impeccable service with a private butler, private chef and a bartender who will bottle the stars for you!

Check out Akro as calm waves lap the dramatic rocks of Santorini island and let this seductive ‘petite plage’ to lift your soul.

This little peddle beach in Mesa phgadia, Akrotiri has a stunning cave restaurant but most of all has gained its reputation on dining on a platform by the water! Just slip off your shoes and place your feet into the water beneath your table.

Lift your spirit and root in your body wisdom -listen the majestic sea sound, the sound of waves the sound of sea.

Heal yourself with a body ritual at Akro.

You can have the whole beach, restaurant and place to yourself. Dive off your private wooden jetty and snorkel around our private pirot Cave!

When the sun goes down don’t towel off just yet stay and enjoy your very own private sunset by the sea.

Pause for a moment on our shore. The sunsets will ruin you for life. Consider yourself warned.

Get our artsy atmosphere surrounded by limestone rocks and the most epic landscapes. Akro has a laid-back vibe. Its where the rich and famous go to unwind. Here the talk is about food rather than fashion and music rather than money. Akro is an idyllic place to see if you visit Santorini.

An explorers paradise and top travel destination is this. This beach is breath taking, one of a kind experience that every traveler must explore.

Experience but above all live a true cast away day wrapped up in luxury.

This memory will not fade away….EVER