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Our beautiful beach Mesa Pigadia is located in the southwest edge* of the majestic volcanic island of Santorini and is easily reachable by car through the main road or by boat from Akrotiri port. The Beach Mesa Pigadia is surrounded by a breathtaking rocky landscape that offers unique privacy, tranquility and seclusion. Enjoy your sunbathing on the beautiful sandy and pebbles beach or dive into the heavenly clear waters of the Aegean. The sea is usually calm and without waves since the rocks create a safe cove around the beach and protect it from the wind. Our beach, Mesa Pigadia, also has a very interesting geology because of the impressively high white cliffs that reveal the layers of the volcano creating a colorful scenery.
* the name of the place “Akro” in Greek means edge

Greece has no shortage of gorgeous beaches,

it’s not difficult to find a stunning beach on Santorini but finding one that is postcard perfect Laguna beach that caters for you or your family is more of a challenge. Akro ticks all of the right boxes. Black pebble-and-sand beaches, with sun loungers, calm, crystal clear waters for swimming and jet skiing, a long seafront promenade lined with low-key exquisite restaurant – and none of the bling that accompanies the busiest roads of Santorini.

Rugged, wild and untouched, this secret black pebble beach is the number one place to go, if you visit Santorini island. Covered with black volcanic little gems, Akro is a source of positive energy itself. Continuous erosion caused a dramatic rock formations, perfectly shaped for photos that will last for a lifetime.

If that’s not scenic enough for you then stay at Akro till the golden hour and just look up in the sky. Enjoy spectacular colors as the sun sets over the Mediterranean sea. It is one of the most romantic settings in the world. The famous Santorini sunset.

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