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Enjoy a delectable scrumptious lunch catered by the famous chef Dimitris Orestis. Savor our exclusive variety of gourmet innovations based on local cuisine dishes. All dishes are made by the freshest ingredients in a richly decorated restaurant with relaxing atmosphere which make it ideal for quiet friendly or family gatherings. Feast on our tempting and avant-garde plates that will surely satisfy even the most claimant taste.
This is why we believe that the real star at Akro is the food. The lunch is superb.

We are proud and loud we serve the best lunch on beach.

Every warm mixture is a pure ambrosia in your mouth.

Live on bread, love and fresh water our chef says and he proves his point all at once.

And then he serves our yellow and red beet salad with red fruits and fresh skotiri cheese with scented herbs. Our mouth watered the moment we spotted the strawberries. Fresh salad on the beach a different kind of salad pure, tasty, elegant.

Then he served the greek salad with barley bites caper leaves and xinomitzithra cheese.

Assyrtiko grape on a salad? Yes we do have this at Akro.

Salad with a crispy lettuce grilled chicken and graviera cheese flakes.

Simplicity lies in the first bite, whispering on my left frontal lobe when our chef serves the lamb carre with mashed smoked white aubergine and refreshing tzatziki sauce or the giouvetsaki with sea fruits.

The fresh chilopites is a pasta to die –literally- is this is the reason- one should marry a chef!

Chilopites with slow cooked beef porcini mushrooms and sauce of arseniko cheese from Naxos island !

Naxos and Santorini wrapped up in a dish.

Our vegan options are many as we enjoy fine dining and simplicity.

The vegetable risotto and our vegetable burger smoked cheese and caramelized onions are so popular.

Last but not least our traditional pasta with capers and olives voice up to a powerful smell.

Traditional fava with a greek coffee scent – our fava does not only have a name she has style !

A full menu parade singing all flavours of a tasty serenade.