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Taste our exclusive cocktails made by the famous distinguished bartender Alexandros Gikopoulos who is awarded as one of the top bartenders worldwide. Enjoy our perky drinks by the sea in a unique lounge atmosphere all day long until late at night.
Our bar will initiate you to the magic of Greek summer nights with authentic bar atmosphere and tasteful music from top DJ’s that keep up the beat until late and make your nights unique and partyful.

Whether it’s whisky, whiskey, Scotch, rye, or bourbon, this spirit comes in so many styles the cocktail possibilities are endless. Here are some of our favorites, along with some of our favorite spins on the classics.

Here is a list of our amazing cocktails

Margarita-Good tequila is like fine wine, except instead of aging in the cellar, agave plants mature for at least seven years in the Mexican mountains. It’s the backbone of zesty cocktails like the classic Margarita.

Mochito, The Mojito has become a classic around the world. It’s citrusy and refreshingly minty.

Martini- Sir Winston Churchill, and Alfred Hitchcock have all shared in the story of this cocktail. it’s crisp, fragrant and as famous as those who crowned it a classic.

Daiquiri-There are many permutations of the daiquiri, but they all begin here: a blend of rum, lime juice and sugar. Sour and deliciously sweet, this cocktail blends the best of both worlds.

Negroni – It’s rich, dark and belovedly bitter.

How these amazing cocktails taste like at Akro?

Gin is fascinating and the botanicals in each bottle give you a new experience with every sip. It is also essential in the bar and a liquor that offers bartenders infinite mixing possibilities. Gin tastes like and they’ll tell you “juniper” or “grassy” or “floral.

Tequila is classic like good read. If I could describe tequila I would go for “vegetal” and “earthy.”

Rum at akro it tastes like fruity, woody, sugar, dried fruit, caramel and baking spices. Drilling down into some of those categories, we get like coconut, walnut, smooth, vanilla along with plenty more.

Vodka should be odorless, colorless and flavorless, but at Akro is not like grains and fruits, and its taste typically reflects its base.

Head here if you are looking for the perfect gin or a classic Mochito.