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Elopement@ Akro

Elopement@ AKRO

The hardest decision you ll have to make with so many stunning places in Santorini is narrowing down that ideal spot to say your vows. This is because the modern elopement is a boutique destination wedding experience.
Elopements are intimate just the couple, their officiant and the photographer; sometimes parents and best friends or even pets are included. Emphasis on the vows being exchanged matter more than décor.

Akro is a destination so spectacularly scenic they more than make up for that.

Akro is insanely gorgeous has dramatic rocks colossal sea cliffs its known for being a mystical and magical place in Santorini island.

Imagine a black peddle beach in the most romantic island in the whole world Santorini. Surrounded by volcanic rock, and one incredible deep blue sea you couldn’t have pictured anything more perfect.

Enjoy the sound of waves as you claim your love for each other and select Akro an intimate location where dramatic scenery of rocks, a pirate cave and stunning Santorini jaw-dropping sunset lie down as a backdrop to all your elopement photographs.

The essence of “barefoot elegance” Akro restaurant in Akrotiri has the feel of a Laguna beach house.

Diners choose between al fresco beachside seating or an elegant cave inside a rock dining room. An outdoor lounge sets the stage for perfect beachfront cocktails and why not a private dinner for just the two of you!

Every member of our staff shares in this passion for service and commitment to ensure that your stay is perfect from start to finish. By offering exceptional five-star service and world-class amenities in Santorini’s most idyllic natural setting, we create a carefree and enchanting environment that encourages you to forget about everything and focus on enjoying each other.

Elope is just the way to go, and Akro is a top spot to elope in Santorini island.