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    True beauty makes us change our lives not choices!
    I’m a firm believer that we all hold a certain intuitive wisdom within each of us, and it’s that wisdom which hints at our naturally harmonious and interconnected nature.
    It’s also this wisdom which, if we so choose, can be used to bring this world together in greater peace and harmony.
    And it’s this intuitive wisdom which we share that is the very spirit of Zen.

    How should we live our lives?
    Simply and naturally
    Understanding that less is more and being aware of how this affects the state of our mind as well as accepting things fully as they come or “going with the flow of things” so to speak (among other things).

    With the energy of mindfulness
    Fully aware, alive in each moment, with a single-pointed awareness.If we’re cleaning, we’re fully present for the act of cleaning;
    if we’re with our loved ones, we’re fully present for them; if we’re relaxing at home, we’re simply relaxing and not letting the events of the day or worries of the future cloud our mind and distract us.

    Compassionately and lovingly
    Concerned for our own well-being as well as the well-being of all other beings together as one, ultimately understanding how we’re all interconnected.
    Akro and its dramatic scenery will make you change your life once and for all.
    Remember out of two choices in Life, the third option is the one that makes you happy!

    SAY YES to the most important person in your life ….Just say yes !!!