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Asking the most significant question at the right time and choosing the right place to do so is as important for a bride to be as the wedding dress itself.

If you have found true love, the most romantic place in Santorini to pop the question, is at the beach.

The best way to ensure that you get the most stunning photos of your proposal is, yet again, to propose at the beach.

Not only will you get beautiful photos of your bride to be,
the photographer will follow you on your romantic walk along the sandy shore and take beautiful photos in the best possible light.

The beach offers total privacy as the sun sinks into the dazzling sea. White-washed cave style restaurant or a secluded terrace is some of the two ways to go if you are proposing at Akro.

Akro is perfecting the art of sea-to-table dinning where you and your loved one can enjoy a candlelight dinner afterwards hearing that sea sound.

Let us know your love story and we will make it an enchanting beach proposal.

A classic timeless beach proposal is a proposal message in the sand or a message in a bottle proposal, where you have the time to drop to one knee and pull out the ring. We can recreate your first date and give you a scenario that really leave your bride to be speechless. Even if you are not a fairy tale Night time proposal guy, we can make it so romantic and fit your mood.

Akro can also arrange for you and you loved one a to rent a private boat during sunset so you can pop the question while out to sea, especially when you are facing Santorini Lighthouse! The boat will drop you off later at Akro for a stunning five course dinner for you and your future bride.

A romantic, tranquil spot to propose is Akro hideaway.


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