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Akro@ Mesa Pigadia

MesaPigadiaBY AKRO

The main idea behind the Akro was to combine the immaculate nature and astonishing landscape of Mesa Pigadia beach with the relaxing atmosphere of a classy and elegant restaurant which provides total privacy and top services. Our restaurant is beautifully blended with the scenery since it is embossed inside a cave, creating a private and secluded lounge for lunch and dining. Furthermore our beach is specially arranged and fully equipped to accommodate our exquisite visitors.

One of the main advantages of this hidden beach is the fact that it is windless.

There is no wind at Akro.

Our gorgeous beach and our majestic rocky landscape provide a shelter against

any type of wind. Thumps up to the northern part of Santorini!

Visit us to have a lovely day in our suntrap beach

enjoying a wonderful rest.

The weather is just fantastic! What a better way to start of your vacation in Santorini island.

Wondering why you should stay in Akro beach?

There are hundreds of beaches in Santorini.

So, what is it that makes Akro Beach so special?

What makes us among the best beaches in Santorini?

Why Us?

There are very few beaches which can claim to have

a beach all to themselves.

At our beach, one can enjoy, one of the largest

stretches of unspoiled private beach,

in Santorini.

This is the best beach in Santorini


That feeling of awe you get

when you kick off your flip flops,

throw down your beach towel and think,

“NOW this is paradise I have just found Paradise in Santorini»

Please note

By small boats you can reach through Akro – that

can take you there every 30 min – to both

red & white beaches,

the major attractions in our island.